District 38 Republicans

2022 ND Republican Party State Convention

The state convention will be held in Bismarck April 1-2. Delegates attending will vote to determine which candidates the party will be endorsing for Attorney General, Secretary of State, US Congress, US Senate, Tax Commissioner, Agriculture Commissioner, and Public Service Commissioner.

If you attend as a delegate, you will decide who the Republican party will support in these critically important statewide races! As a delegate, you will also help determine the rules and platform of the party. Our platform is our statement of principles that is intended to guide our party’s direction. In these difficult times, we need strong conservatives to help steer our party towards – not away – from these principles.

How to be a Delegate

Delegates are simply people from our district who choose to serve as representatives of our district at the state convention in Bismarck, April 1-2. Delegates will be elected at our District 38 Meeting on Monday, January 17th. If you’re unable to attend on the 17th, you can still be a delegate, but you must contact us and express your interest so that we can place your name into nomination.


To be eligible to be a delegate, you must:

  1. Be a legal voter of District 38, having resided here for at least 30 days and be at least 18 years of age by the time of the next general election in November 2022.
  2. Be a member of the District 38 Republican Party ($10 dues)
  3. Be a member of the state North Dakota Republican Party ($50.00, payable separately). 


Additionally, after your election, you must pay your delegate registration fees. The amount of these fees have not been disclosed by the state party, but in past years, they were $90, or $45 for ages 18-30. These must be paid by the registration deadline, typically mid-March. We will inform you as soon as the information is available. There is a limited number of 56 delegate slots available in District 38.


If you’d like to be a delegate for District 38 to the North Dakota Republican State Convention, please contact Christina Wolf at 701-340-3703 (text/call) or email bncwolff@hotmail.com.

District 38 Meeting
Monday, January 17th, 2022 @ 7:00pm
Home of Susan Hale (in the large garage)
5750 16th Ave SW
Minot, ND 58701

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Our Republican Principles

1. The strength of our nation lies with the individual and the traditional nuclear family. 

2. The most effective, responsible and responsive government is government closest to the people. 

3. Every American is entitled to equal rights; no one is entitled to special rights. 

4. Property rights are fundamental Constitutional rights and must be honored as such. 

5. All laws should be subject to regular review and formally repealed when no longer applicable. 

6. All opportunity and economic growth are based on free enterprise and individual initiative. 

7. All parents shall be give the greatest freedom, opportunity and protection so they can provide for their family and children in the manner they see fit. 

8. True economic prosperity comes from insuring individuals retain their earnings and are able to expend those earnings as they see fit. 

9. Government, especially the Federal Government, must be strictly limited in their activities to those explicitly granted in their Constitutions. 

10. No one should be denied access to the Courts by requirements of exhausting administrative remedies when seeking redress for government actions impacting his freedom of action, especially use of his property. 

11. The best tools to meet the challenges of changing times are a steadfast application of the original principles enumerated by our founding Fathers and enumerated in the working of our Constitution. 

12. The solution to societal problems lie, not in government programs or edicts but, rather in individuals being held fully responsible for their actions and failure to act.

David Hogue

David Hogue

Senate Republican

  • Attorney
  • BA, Cornell College; U.S. Army War College; JD, UND
  • Veteran
  • Married (Paula); 2 children
  • Senate since 2009
Larry Bellew

Larry Bellew

House Republican

  • AA, Horticulture
  • Board, Minot Commission on Aging, Kalix, Dakota Family Services
  • Married (Carol); 4 children
  • House since 2001
Dan Ruby

Dan Ruby

House Republican

  • Circle Sanitation Inc.; Noonan Landfill LLC
  • Married (Lori); 10 children; 17 grandchildren
  • House since 2001

Thank you for your support!

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